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    Witteveen Meats opened its doors for business in 1951 and its solid strength is Doug Witteveen’s commitment to bringing only the best, top quality meat to his customers. 


   Doug is proud to carry top Triple A Beef or higher, Ontario Pork and Local Poultry. Entire family’s have been shopping at Witteveen’s for five generations.  Witteveen’s also has many customers that drive from surrounding cities for freezer orders, its worth the trip, they know they can count on the best meat for their families. Witteveen’s have locations in both St. George, Brantford and Toronto.  In Toronto we have the largest butcher shop at the St. Lawrence Market. The Toronto St. Lawrence Market was voted the Best Market in the World by National Geographic. 


   Doug’s Father, Harry Witteveen, was one of the young men Canada saved from post war Holland.  Harry came to Canada for a fresh start.  After working in a butcher shop himself for a few years, he opened up his own shop in St. George, Ontario.  His son, Doug Witteveen was only 17 years old when he bought into his Father’s business in 1971.  So young in fact that he had to have a lawyer represent his interest in the business until age 18.  Harry retired from the business 20 years ago and went on to even further success with Friesian Horses, bringing celebrities to Canada such as Martha Stewart.


   Doug learned the trade at his Father’s knee and still runs the family business almost 70 years later. After learning the butcher trade, Doug ventured into creating his own recipes  for kielbossa, cold cuts, homemade sausage, hotdogs and creating the brine used for Witteveen’s Famous Bacon that is still used to this day. 


    As generations pass, change comes with it and one of Doug’s right hand men in fact is a girl, his youngest daughter Meghan Witteveen.  Meghan has helped her Father manage the business for over 14 years. Meghan loves the butcher business and is a shrewd business woman that has helped fine tune her family business. 


Martha Stewart & Harry Witteveen

Witteveen’s makes its own ready to eat products, such as hand made sausage with flavours such as Maple, Bacon, Pizza, Feta Cheese & Spinach, Fresh Farmers Sausage and many more.  Homemade Chili, Beef Stew, Fresh Baked Meat Pies, Crispy Chicken Cutlets, Flavoured Burgers, the best tasting hotdogs ever, the list goes on & everything is delicious. Smell the Slow Roasted Prime Rib dinners that are ready to take home every Friday evening or enjoy the mid-day lunch counter. 


Come in, enjoy what so many families have grown to depend on for generations, quality products that you can count on. 



Taking the time to make your every meal delicious...............


Doug Witteveen 


Harry & Doug Witteveen

Doug & Meghan Witteveen

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